Soren Lind

Soren Lind has been involved in Orthopedics his entire career.

After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a BA in a Business Economics, he took a position with Innovation Sports, a start-up responsible for revolutionizing knee bracing with their C.Ti knee brace. With just seven employees at the time, Soren wore many hats, and eventually moved into the role of Controller, where he remained for 8 years. Soren managed cash flow, accounting, and helped support the owners in their desire to operate with low overhead and debt.

Soren established Medequip in 1992 to help patients and providers manage the complex process of supplying, billing and servicing Durable Medical Equipment.

Over time, Medequip became known for its expertise in billing, collections, service and patient care. Soren was the first to recognize the importance of negotiated contracts with insurance providers and durable medical equipment suppliers. He became known for his professionalism, honesty and integrity. Today Medequip has contracts with virtually every major insurance provider, and has longstanding relationships with the industry's leading manufacturer and distributors.

As the longest standing company in this space, Soren and Medequip have an industry leading knowledge bank that insures results for his customers and the best care for their patients. Soren's background in finance has allowed him to grow responsibly, while always insuring his suppliers, sales representatives and vendors are prioritized. Average employee tenure at Medequip is 10 years, a testament to Soren's desire to create a workplace that puts his employees first. He has helped make Medequip a family of people dedicated to servicing and supporting patients and providers.

Trish Terena

After college, Trish began her orthopedic career during an exciting era with Innovation Sports, manufacturers of the C.Ti knee brace. The company was made up of a group of enthusiastic, entrepreneurial professionals, including Soren Lind, which afforded her the environment to develop relationships, skills and experiences that would set her on a career path in orthopedic sales.

Trish led the sales division of Innovation Sports as Sales Director from 2000 to 2006. She successfully grew the business by focusing on expanded distribution, recruiting top performing representatives, negotiating strategic partnerships with O&P leaders, securing an exclusive contract with Kaiser Permanente and implementing sales and customer incentive programs. Trish and her sales division attained record sales growth and profitability annually.

In mid 2005 through 2007 Trish was integral in the transition of Innovation Sports becoming part of the orthopedic brands of Ossur, which included the collected companies of Innovation Sports, Generation II and Royce brands. In 2006-2007, Trish was responsible for Ossur NA’s domestic sales and distribution channels, posting strong sales growth in year one of integration.

Trish then took on a key role with Bauerfiend, USA to help launch their first concept store in Santa Monica, CA – The Bauerfiend Performance Center. Consulting to Bauerfiend’s Global Branding Team she helped align Bauerfiend with leading Southern California orthopedic surgeons, hospitals and professional athletes. Trish enjoyed the close relationships she developed with her customers, particularly the Los Angeles Lakers during their 2009 and 2010 back to back NBA Championship seasons. Trish had the privilege of working with Gary Vitti, ATC and the Los Angeles Lakers and was present for the exciting post championship media day in 2010. Building on the momentum of the success of Bauerfiend products utilized by Team USA in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and the global recognition of Kobe Bryant and the LA Lakers, Trish initiated the objective to establish Bauerfeind’s Genutrain as a brand leader within the NBA.

Prior to joining Medequip, Trish worked with Ottobock Orthopedic Rehab Services, national CPM and orthopedic service provider as a bracing product specialist and manager in Southern California.

Since joining Medequip as Sales Director in 2012, Trish has helped to expand our customer base through the addition of our CPM service division, now with a presence in Colorado, North Carolina, and South Carolina as well as throughout California. Trish works closely with our offsite staff to help grow Medequip’s business with a focus on exceptional service and communication to our customers and through expanded services offered by our Patient Care Specialists. Trish shared that she is very happy to be working with Soren again and to be part of Medequip, a company that has an exciting, entrepreneurial team environment that conducts its business with honesty and integrity.

Trish lives in South Orange County with her husband and two sons. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, music and visiting the beaches and mountains of beautiful Southern California.

Kasey Bancroft – Director of Account Management

Kasey started her career working at an orthopedic surgery center, joined Medequip in 2002 and hasn’t looked back since. Her 17 years of orthotic experience make her an invaluable asset to the Medequip team. Kasey has her Home Medical Device Retail license and is also a California licensed Notary Public.

As the Director of Account Managers, Kasey oversees 35 employees. She works tirelessly to insure that all claims are filed timely as well as making sure all our clients and patients receive excellent customer service. This is a large part of Kasey’s day and she goes well above and beyond for all of Medequip’s clients. She is frequently the first in the office and last to leave.

On the rare occasion Kasey is out of the office, she loves to be outside in nature. She loves spending time with her husband and daughter. Her dog, Piper, and tortoise, Jump, join in on the fun as well. Kasey is an avid fan of the outdoors and enjoys hiking, trail running, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. Kasey is a fitness fanatic and competes in Spartan races and half marathons.