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For more than twenty-five years, medical professionals across the nation have come to Medequip as the ideal source for supporting their orthopedic practices, including patient care, insurance billing and DME services. Medequip is an accredited provider and contracted with most major insurance companies and workman’s compensation payers in order to provide high-quality solutions for patients’ orthotic needs, including: orthopedic bracing services, cryo-therapy treatments, ambulatory aid, and other post-operative equipment.

Why Choose Medequip?

  • Vendor-Neutral DME Source
    Medequip is a vendor neutral partner offering products from many orthopedic manufacturers. Our customers have the flexibility to determine the product mix that best suits their individual needs. Medequip works with top orthopedic manufacturers, as well as specialty brands, to offer a complete solution for our clients’ needs. On-going evaluation of new products, technology and services keep both our staff and customers current with new treatment options and modalities.
  • Insurance Contracts
    Medequip accepts and is a contracted provider for most major insurance companies. We have over 200 contracts with national payers and workman’s compensation payers and we are in-network providers for most PPO insurance companies. Medequip is also a Medicare accredited supplier. Our staff ensures confidentiality and timely DME billing, and stays current on industry and reimbursement changes.
  • Local Support
    Our knowledgeable, experienced personnel will support your needs by providing service and support to your staff and patients. Patient care, custom orthotic measuring and fitting, home visits for non-ambulatory patients by certified and accredited staff ensure patient comfort and confidence in the products and service.
  • Proven Expertise
    In 2018, we celebrate our 25th year in business. As we reflect on our past success, we are appreciative of our strong relationships with DME manufacturers, major insurance providers and our loyal customers. Medequip built our business from our customer referrals, fair business practices and excellent customer service and we are dedicated to continuing our exemplary service for both our patients and our valued customers.

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